Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Up Up & Away...

Our super cool dad put the swingset up this weekend!
The kids are having a blast and love being able
to play outside in something other than dirt!
We only have one thing to say about that:

"Dan...your so Cool"!

Friday, July 27, 2007

What's that smell?

We FINALLY are getting our landscaping! Yeahoooooooooo! The kids and I have had a blast watching them put our trees in today unitl the workers just stopped and walked backwards.
Next thing we know we are being evacuated and the energy company was called and so was 911! Broken Gas Line folks! Two firetrucks showed up and we were asked to leave the area. So we hung out at Target for a bit! (what a shame) Anywho...we are back now and the landscapers are back putting trees in!
I will post pics of that when they are done. We are so excited to have green!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Thanks JK Rowling...

I am finished! I have ignored my children for days and ate only when I was starving to death! I stayed up late and let my house become like that of Grimmauld Place just so I could devolge myself in the last and greatest Harry Potter book! I knew going into it that I would be sad that it was the last, but it was wonderful and I am so happy my sister in law Carolyn made me read the first one! She was right...I did love them! And...for the first time I finished before Dan the freakin speed demon reader (only because he left his book here ~ ha ha)!

I would like to thank Harry Potter for many many years of joy and excitement! I will always read these books over and over just for the sense of belonging somehow to Hogwarts. (we convinced kennedy a few years back that she would be receiving her letter to Hogwarts when she turned 11 ~ good times we had). I am pleased with the ending of the book, but sad with many of the things that happened (can't say too much for those who are still reading). I will just have to live on and settle for the books, movies and my Harry Potter ringtone that I love every time it rings....

Thanks Harry

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My first TAG!!!!!! Yipee...

My sister issued my first TAG and I am so excited... i am a geek...so here goes.

places I've worked
1-Dr. Kelly's office (oregon and colorado)
2-CVS pharmacy
3-Stone Mountain State Park
4-My house...day in and day out people
movies I can watch over and over
1-Any Harry Potter movie
(i shy away from the 4th ~come on dumbledore never yelled)
2-Italian Job
3-Count of Monty Crisco
4-Home movies of the kids
places I've lived
1-Hillsboro, OR
2-Atlanta, GA
3-Doylestown, PA
4-Oh and Utah a few times
favorite tv shows
1-Amazing Race
2-Little People Big World
3-Survivor (and I'm not afraid to tell the world)
4-How it's Made (especially with Noah)
places I've been
1-The Bahamas
3-New York City
4-Alligator Farm (Alamosa, CO if your interested)
favorite foods
1-Nancy's Spaghetti
2-Monkey Bread
3-Pumpkin Bar
4-Berry Berry Kix
majors I've considered
1-Ocean Biology (no seriously)
2-Dental Hygienist
3-Photography (eh...)
4-my brain hurts
places I'd rather be
1-St. Thomas
2-Gulf Shores
3-Scarborough Beach, RI with the fam
(totally stole that from you Jackie)
4-Anywhere with Dan & the kids
friends i would like to tag
(hint hint people...get blogs already!)
(come on guys...don't make me look bad)

Happy Anniversary Danny!

Thanks for 13 great years!
Things I love about you Dan:
-you make me laugh
-can laugh like crusty the clown
-can fix almost anything (come on your not my dad)
-love how hard you work for our family
-your a big kid and have lots of fun
-you are SO SMART
-great with our kids
-super back tickler
-don't chase me with the dead spider tissue
-always worried about me
-love when you warm up the car for me in the winter
-you love marathon movie watching
(enough with the B movies though-gosh)
-love to vacation with me
-you show our kids the world
-love the same shows like survivor, planet earth & amazing race
-you are so snuggly
You are the best and I love you to pieces!

Friday, July 13, 2007

"I Will Have Order"

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix or BUST!
We just got back from the 5th film and I can tell you this...FABULOUS! We absolutely loved it. This is the best since the first film came out and Icouldn't be happier! I laughed, cried, clapped and cheered throughout and loved every minute of it. Our family will see that one again that is for sure. There is something satisfying in seeing Professor Umbridge taken off into the
forest screaming "I WILL HAVE ORDER"...good times. We also would like to become members of the D.A. (Dumbledore's Army for you non-potter fans). I had a smile from ear to ear when Fred & George left school in style! Sighhh...Now that the movie is out...we can focus on obsessing over the book next week!


This kid loves to help out in the kitchen...she is taking after
her sister and has a real intrest in cooking!
Someday I won't have to cook at all...my plan is working!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Can I have your Autograph?

So my sister Jackie works at Provo Craft as an Editor (so grown up) and often models for numerous departments and for ads and such. Well she is now on the box for the New Cricut machine!!!! This pic was taken by her husband at the Roberts store in Provo...you can see her modeling like a pro using the machine right on the stinken box! How cool am I to be related?
Thought I would share...I am now her agent so if you need her for anything just contact me!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

For you Mom & Dad!

Check out the latest song on my blog...it's for you!

Your loving daughter sickalapick!

(i am seriously laughing here)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The kids are really enjoying our new area here in Denver! We go see free movies at the theater on tuesdays and afterwards play in the fountains right outside before lunch! Not too shabby eh?

Home Sweet Home


A Birthday Bash at the Dunes

I am so "5" people!

hoops&yoyo makeover invite
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