Friday, March 28, 2008

Meet the Champ

Zoom Zoom...

Last night Noah experienced his first Pinewood Derby! After weeks of working in the garage with his dad, his hard work was put into action.  Noah had accidentally left his car in Dan's car and Dan took it to Alamosa with him so he had to overnight it to us!  It arrived the morning of the Derby and we couldn't have been happier!
We got to the church and Noah's eyes were as big as quarters to see the track in the middle of the gym.  The races began and after a few glitches Noah's car ran it's first race.  He did so great and came in 2nd for his Den. He was thrilled and his face was enough to put tears in my eyes.  They took the top two from each Den and raced the cars again and Noah came in FIRST place overall if you can believe it!  I thought he was going to pass out!  It was a great night and even though his car was challenged afterwards it was still worth it.  He woke up and had the breakfast of champions this morning smiling all the while!  
We love you buddy, great job!!!! 

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dan's New Bird

So Dan has a new little bird!  No it isn't a parrot, it's Luke!  Every weekend for about the last 4 weeks Luke is Dan's shadow, but this past weekend he turned into Dan's talking parrot!  He follows him around and copies everything Dan says.  It was cute the first couple of times, but now Dan has made him turn on me!!!!  Hello?  Last night Dan shouted out, "I'm thirsty", so Luke said, "I'm thirsty".  Cute right?  Well I said, "I'm thirsty" and Luke blurts back, "Go get a drink then".  Gasp, Shock and Loathing towards my husband!  Not cool, yet Dan laughed and laughed!  
(keep laughing Dan...I have lots of candy)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Drinky!

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Wednesday has ordered the city of Alamosa to issue a bottled water advisory for Alamosa residents due to an outbreak of Salmonella in the community. Area residents and visitors are advised to immediately stop using tap water form the city's water system for drinking and cooking and to begin using bottled water until further notice.
Dan called yesterday and said there is no water to buy because it is all out! He also told me that all the restraunts are closed because of it and he is going to starve to death! Good thing he can steal food from his mom's or he probably would. Big Dork! Makes me want to make sure we have enough water because you never know what will happen. We always think it will be something BIG that happens in order for us to need these things...guess not!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mother of the Year!


Luke has been complaining the last few days of his eyes hurting, then it was one ear, then the other.  I didn't get concerned (even after a sleepless night with him) until he told me he didn't want to eat his breakfast and then the same at lunch (hello he is a human garbage disposal).  
I decided to take him in and when I did I wanted to ground myself for two weeks!

Double Ear infection
Strep throat
Pink Eye in both eyes

Luke + sick = loser mother!