Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catching UP!

You didn't know Pirates had princesses?  

 He got this for his birthday and just HAD to wear it for Halloween!  I have a feeling he will have a REAL one someday...sigh...

 So I found out that this year he was too cool for a costume...but since he knows i LOVE dressing up he threw this together to match Rea!  He decided an outlaw was acceptable!

 Cutest cowgirl this side of the Rocky Mountains!
 Apparently he stole some of her snacks...

 She went as a teenager in a jersey...I think I went as a ghost when i was her age.  Hmm...does that make me uncool?

 So we found out our driveway has a pretty wicked slope to it...for sledding that is!

 G & G came up for Thanksgiving...sadly these are the only pictures we took!  What?!

 Dad and my Daddy (as rea says) finished up the backsplash in the kitchen!  Not too shabby!

 Gobble stinken cute is this turkey craft Grandma brought to make?!  

 My kids were flabbergasted  that we made a pie.  Luke just kept telling everyone coming into the room that we made a REAL pie.  Uh...Luke we eat REAL costco pumpkin pie all the time!
Done!  Another house "to do" off the list!  Only 72 left!  Sweet!