Monday, April 12, 2010

doesn't take much to make us happy...

Koolaid has yummy fizzers you can just plunk into a glass of water for entertainment! Who knew making a drink could be this much fun?

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Spy with my little eye...

Something in San Antonio!
Last minute Dan planned our family vacation for Spring Break in San Antonio! We weren't sure how it was going to work out...but boy did we have fun!

I spy Lukers in a fountain...can you?
We walked around the resort in the evenings and found cool stuff like
firepits and bugs!
Headed to Sea World and saw cool shows and even ran into the Lee's from our old ward! So exciting!
These crazy nuts road this 5 times! In a row!!!
Rylee's first REAL roller coaster and I am afraid she is addicted! She LOVED it! She reminds me of myself at that age! Really scared to try it, but once you can't stop Check out that drop! She came out of her seat and scared me to death!
This is the new show they have and we couldn't stop smiling! Crazy divers, dolphins and happy kids!

Everyone LOVED this one! You know it's fun when they come off dripping wet and want to do it again! (this is before Luke tried it - pretending to stand in the splash zone)
Dolphin Cove...way awesome!
These TARDS sat in the splash zone for the show! Guess what...didn't get wet! Rylee cried. Sigh...
Started counting these at the beginning of the trip..stopped at around 11! Are you kidding me = they are EVERYWHERE! It's like we were in the desert or something!
Headed to the River Walk and the Alamo! Super cool! So much to see and learn...

River ride...can you say sweet? I was drooling over all the picture spots I could shoot! Drooling!
Our resort was amazing! It was HUGE and had so much to do that we really didn't need to leave! It was fun to warm up after a day of swimming at one of the many fireplaces!
Ken was Reagan's buddy this trip! My oldest and youngest chillin at the baby pool! Gotta love it!
This is just half of the waterpark! Nice eh? We had a blast and will always remember our Easter away from home! Thanks hun!

Thursday, April 8, 2010