Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Once upon a time a husband went for a ride...
He did not foresee anything happening to him, so why should he, a strong man, wear a helmet even after his wife told him too.  He gained speed and smiled as he did.  Next thing he knew he was on the ground!  Bruised and bleeding and hunting for his watch he picked himself up and made it home only to be laughed at by his wife and children. Poor daddy...he needs ice, Advil and a few band-aids!  His wife will pick up a helmet and a bubble suit in the morning.  He heads to the doctor for an x-ray to see if his wrist is broken.  Poor poor daddy.  The husband thinks of his adventure and sighs when he hears over and over in his head his wife saying, "I told you that would happen".  Then end.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's a GIRL!

We are still in shock that we are having another baby and then to throw in another girl just makes it that much more exciting!  As Rylee says, "It's a pattern mom!"  She is right.  Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy and Girl!  The kids are super excited and we are already getting things ready to go (I have major OCD's a curse actually).  Luke can't wait for this baby to come out, Rylee can't wait to share a room, Kennedy has offered to get up for the night shift - uhhhh okay and Noah says we are going to have too much drama with all these girls - he is right - sigh!  

We will keep you all updated!  We think we have her name picked out, but are taking suggestions just in case!  Let us know what you think is cute!

Does Jello look like mud?

Sooooooooo Luke and Rylee strike again...I was too mad to take
a picture this time so just deal with it.  I am sitting at the computer
talking on the phone and Luke comes in stripped down to his boxers, covered in something brown (yes I thought that too) and said, "Mom we are playing mud wars in the kitchen"!  What the...

I came in and they had been smearing Jello pudding all over each other, the counter, the chairs, the floor and having a ball!  Normally I would take a deep breath and take a picture before I got mad but NOT today!  Let's just say they sat in time out for longer than Super Nanny would allow!  

Luke says he no longer likes pudding.  My job here is done!