Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can't you just smell FALL?

You know it's fall when the leaves start changing and track meets are in gear! It also seems the clouds are puffier and the sound of airplanes are more crisp!
Gosh I love fall!
She is in the "zone"!
FYI: Screaming from the sidelines really doesn't help. She tends to glare at ya! Eeeek!
Kick it sista!
Kennedy and Samantha! Go Fox Ridge!
The kids love going to the track meets!
One of our "burning bushes" we have that turn this blazing red color that I L.O.V.E!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Get your dancin' shoes on!

Kennedy had her first dance on Saturday. ( I know right? sniff sniff) She had a blast! Everyone (especially Dan and Rylee) teased her about dancing with boys. Now, every time Rylee sees Kennedy talking with her friends, she yells and teases her about dancing with boys.
Man I was a dancin queen back in the day! I lived for weekend Stake Dances! My friends and I rocked every one we could find! Our Stake and any Stake that would let us in the door! Woot Woot! Remember "Dance Cards"? Whatever happened to those? I still remember trying to dance with every single guy in the room before the last song was over! Just to say I did! I have stories that would knock your socks off! (or maybe I am exaggerating a smidge!) Those were the days...
All I know is that my baby girl is growing up!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shot Puke and Laughs!

Today we headed over to good ole Walgreens to get the family ready for flu season. What we thought would be a quick stop ended up NOT! Dan and Kennedy both got their shots, but when Noah got up he started having a slight FREAK OUT session! Kennedy being the great big sis she is held him down while our friend Kim (super pharmacist) proceeded to give him his shot! Yeah...our boys are brave. After a few minutes went by Dan looked over at Kennedy and she was green, sweaty and puking all over the floor! Uhh...not good! Dan calls me to fill me in and Kim saved the day by sending us over to Urgent Care to get her checked out! She ended up being just fine. She is one in a million that has a reaction...What do you do? I went back to Walgreens to get my shot. We chatted it up with Kim and laughed for a good 20 min. She is too fun! Thanks Kim!
Ohhhhhhh what a Saturday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sugar eh?

After the kids left for school this morning I decided to get myself a bowl of cereal. I am one of those mean moms that DOESN'T buy sugar cereal. I know I know, but seriously it makes my kids crash 2 hours later. So I went to get a bowl out of the cupboard and it had a little sugar in the bottom of it. Uh...that's strange. I grabbed for another bowl and yep you guessed it, more sugar! What the what? I put that one in the sink and grabbed for another. MORE sugar!

MOM: Luke, did you put sugar in these bowls?
LUKE: nope
MOM: did Rylee do it when she emptied the dishwasher last night?
LUKE: (as he is smiling) uh...yes.
MOM: well...sigh...guess I am having sugar cereal today.

Guess she thought she was pulling a fast one on me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

14 is gonna ROCK!

Kennedy is 14 today people! My tiny baby is now a teenager that will go to dances and roll her eyes at me! Sigh...
She is officially in a bigger shoe size and will probably pass me up in height by the end of the year. She is super cool and funnier than me and that is pretty darn funny! We love her to BITS! Thanks for being my buddy Ken! Have a great day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thanks G & G!

Dan's parents came up and helped us out with the kiddos! Reagan has decided she LOVES her papa! It is so funny to watch her follow him and back up to sit on his feet. Too cute! Thanks for the help guys!

Friday, September 4, 2009

And so it begins...the second chapter!

Over 15 years fabulous husband started working for his Dad at "Mortensen Oil". We didn't know that all these years later we would buy the business from his Dad, grow it like crazy and end up selling it. Whoa?! Danny put blood, sweat and tears into his company! Today was his "official" last day after working for the new owner for a year! I picked him up from work, said goodbye to his car and headed to lunch. I cried and he made phone calls. Sigh...what do you do?

Well, hun, thanks for working your butt off and for all the sacrifices! We sure love you and are SUPER proud of you!

Now onto the second chapter of your story...
hope it ROCKS!

These are some of his favorite employees! His dad and his sister-in-law! Hee Hee! He designed this logo and LOVES it! He is such a nerd! Gotta love him!

It started out Mortensen Oil, then he bought out another company and renamed it Alta Fuels and now onto JDlogic! What will this man think of next?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Reaganator LOVIN the swing!
Big brother helpin keep her happy!
These two are twins - did you know that? They tell everyone that! Notice they are dressed similar? Well, they plan it that way -ALOT!
Gotta have a swing jumping contest!
Her hair cracks us up! Sassy!

Doesn't matter how old you are...the park is ALWAYS fun! Reagan is walking everywhere and she loved the park! She just kept looking at us like, "your going to let me walk here and here and here?" Too funny!