Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We are BACK!

 End of the year swim party!
 See ya 6th grade!
 Can't buy me love recital!
 Cute as a button and she did GREAT!
 School awards!  Great job Ry and Luke!

 Thanks Warnicks for helping us out!
 Oh man...makes me tired looking at this!

 What the what?
 Having a little fun on moving week!
 Yes...I said moving WEEK!

 First day of 7th grade!
and kennedy is in 10th!  Four different schools this year and mommy is one sad girl that everyone is in school!  We needed more playtime!  Less working on the house.  Sigh...
 This little squirt is 3 and I can't stand it!  

 Got this little stinker on the tube and in the water!  She hasn't been feeling it this year for some reason.  Maybe because I threw her in on the first day.  Yes...I am taking notes on how to be a better mother.

Man it's been a CRA-ZY summer around here!  We finished up a school year had a few birthdays, we remodeled a home and moved into it and had a family reunion at our house.  We've started school and squeezed in some playtime here and there!  
Sheesh...I am exhausted!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monkey is 3!

We still can believe it!  Seems like just yesterday she joined our family!  She makes us laugh daily and is the best snuggler this side of the equator!  We just ALL love her and are so happy she is part of the family!  We got up early this morning to give her all her gifts and decided to wake her up singing happy birthday!  Well she woke up with a smile and when we were done singing she said, "thank you" rolled over and went back to sleep!  What a nut!

Happy Birthday cutie pie!