Saturday, April 21, 2007

Garage Sale!

Well we had a HUGE garage sale to day and it was a success!!!! I love getting rid of old crap that you were just going to toss anyway. We started putting stuff out around 6:30 and had sold a ton by 7:00! How crazy is that? The kids thought it was a blast. Kennedy was in charge of money and did an excellent job. Noah and the little ones were good at telling people how much things were even if they hadn't asked. We were trying to get rid of our trampoline and had it in the front yard and now the kids think we should just leave it there for them. Whatever!
One Spanish family came at the very end and I gave them baskets of clothes and shoes and they just couldn't believe someone would give it to them for free. They kept trying to pay me a dollar. I just laughed and told them to go. Where is my Spanish speaking husband when you need him? All in all we had a great sale and were only left with the stupid rabbit cage, a stroller and our crib. Dan says it is a sign...I told him to get his mind out of the gutter!

Monday, April 16, 2007

We Got It!!!

Big News from the Mortensen Household...We bought our house this weekend! We are sooooooo excited and can't wait for the change to happen! We were able to look at all the upgrades we picked and they told us a few things we didn't know about. Like a sink in the Laundry room and Central Vac! We feel really blessed to have found this house that is perfect for our family. After we signed papers we were able to take a few fun pictures with hard hats and our SOLD sign. Dan makes me laugh, he wanted a picture of all of us pointing at our Sold pin on the builders main map for our lot. We sure had fun this weekend. I am thankful to a husband who works so hard for our family. He is making a huge sacrifice for us to be able to do this, so we are truly grateful!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


So I have been packing here and there and I have found that I have very dusty closets. Totally grossed out by that, but anywho...Luke was sneezing while I was packing up some old craft bins and went to get a tissue. He kept telling me his nose was icky...okay Lukers I got it. An hour later I fed him lunch and went to change him and noticed he had some tissue stuck in his nose. I told him "no Luke that is danger ~ no tissue in your nose"! I pulled it out and found another piece and another and another. After I got out 7 pieces I was freakin out and thinking about all the horror stories from when I worked at different doctors offices! I ran to Dan's office to have him help me get it out. Tweezers didn't we went for the pepper. Yes we are child abusers ~ get over it. We waited a few minutes and the kid sneezed the final tissue out onto my pants. True Story and we are still laughing about it today.

I love my family ~ they keep me on my toes!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

We have had a rainy gloomy day for Easter, but these guys don't care. We had a great Easter Egg Hunt this morning and ate lots of candy to make up for it. Church was very nice despite all the candy crazy kids there! Our Easter dinner at Grandmas was great too and the kids found lots of candy and money in the easter egg hunt! We had a great day today...I just can't believe how fast my kids are growing!

Lukers loves candy, but really loves cloclates!

Rylee thought finding eggs was "totally wicket"

Noah couldn't believe I let him eat candy before church!

Kennedy is at the age where she won't share her candy with mom and dad anymore...poor us.

Colorin' Eggs!


It's official...! Great job Noah...we are so proud of you!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

It's great to be Eight!

April 7, 2007!

What a great day for a baptism! What a joy this kid is...he really is so much fun to have around.

He was so handsome in his suit. He told us that today was the best day of his life and wishes he could do his baptism again! I remember feeling that way.

We had a nice little party for him and ate lots of food...can't beat that! We are lucky to have him in our family.

Friday, April 6, 2007


Found this today and thought I would share. You can turn your Blog into a book. Check it out.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Remember when...

This is probably mostly for my family...check out the songs at the bottom of my blog and see which one I added. Good times people...good times...

We are exhausted...

Boy did we have fun the last few days...we went to Castle Rock, Parker, & a few areas in Denver and just enjoyed ourselves. We found 1 house in each area and then narrowed it down even further on the drive home last night. Who knows what will happen, but we sure had fun checking out all the stuff to do in each place! The kids were troopers and had many adventures looking thru all the models we found. Noah decided he doesn't really care for the models ~ just the ones we can actually buy! He kept asking us if the house we were in was a model and when I said yes he got annoyed and said...let's leave and find ones we can live in ~ what's the point? Too funny! Kennedy decided she would prefer her own room with her own bathroom. Nice try Ken!!! Luke and Rylee just loved running around empty houses! We drove around a few of the schools and churches and have lots of questions still. So...we will let you know what we end up doing.

Have a great day everyone!