Thursday, July 17, 2008

Deep thoughts by Luke Mortensen

Q: What is something that mommy always says to you?
Luke:  "I love you"!
mommy:  get over here mister!

Q: What makes mommy smile?
Luke:  "when I am silly silly"
mommy: true true

Q: What makes mommy sad?
Luke: "when you're tired"
mommy: that is sad that he says that...oh but I am tired!!!

Q: How does mommy make you laugh?
Luke: "When you act like a train"
mommy:  I do a mean Thomas impression - seriously!

Q: What was mom like as a child?
Luke: "hungry"
mommy: uhhh that is more like you Lukers!

Q: How old is mommy?
Luke: "uhhhh a 5 and a 4"
mommy: let's go back to the what makes me sad question

Q: How tall is mommy?
Luke: "tall like a car"?
mommy: hmmm...tall or wide?

Q: What is mommy's favorite thing to do?
Luke: "go swimming"
mommy: sad when you make your kids swim because YOU want too!

Q: What does mommy do when you're not home?
Luke:  "cook and eat"
mommy: DANG!  How does he know that?

Q: If mommy could be like someone on TV, who would it be?
Luke: "Like a person on Wipeout"!
mommy: oh man...that would be awesome!

Q: What is mommy really good at?
Luke: "putting on band-aids"
mommy: always follow it with a kiss right Luke?

Q:What is mommy NOT good at?
Luke: "fixing things...only Dad is a fixer"
mommy:  you know what Luke - you are a stinker! 
Q: What is mommy's job?
Luke: "a picture taker right mom" or a dentist?
mommy:  uhhhh 

Q: What is mommy's favorite food?
Luke: "chicken"
mommy: yummy!  I could eat some right now actually!

Q: What makes you proud of mommy?
Luke: "do you like trains mommy"?
mommy: sigh....I am losing him folks

Q: If mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Luke: "a princess with no baby right mom"?
mommy: oh I am a princess mister!!  You remember that!

Q: What do you and mommy like to do together?
Luke: "go on a cruise ship"
mommy:  Friday good for you Luke?  Let's go!

Q: How are you and mommy the same?
Luke: "you like trees like me" (brocolli)
mommy: you betcha!

Q: How are you and mommy different?
Luke: " are a girl"
mommy:  silly mommy

Q: How do you know mommy loves you?
Luke: "with a kiss"?
mommy: hugs, kisses and whatever it takes little man!

(this was very interesting and fun!!!!  Thanks for the TAG Jordon)

we tag: Lexi, Tyler and Hailey

What a Goober!

(ATTENTION: push pause on my music player at the bottom to hear this)

So...we have had this saved on our DVR for a few years now! We play this and all the kids come running in to see what the scoop is! Good way to call the kids in for dinner or family prayer I have to admit. I have seen it a million times and it STILL makes me laugh. Just thought we would share.