Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Remember this squishy?
Well she is 2 today!

We couldn't be happier to have this bundle of fun in our family! She keeps us on our toes and makes us all smile until our faces hurt! Love you little monkey!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I hate back to school...I love my kiddos home with me! I love lazy days playing games and relaxing at the pool! I love little people helping out around the house and eating dinner at 9 o'clock because it's just getting dark! Now it's time for bedtime and homework and momma being a crazy person with schedule and laundry late at night because I forgot to wash a load of socks...sigh...thanks alot summer for only being a few short months!

3 schools this year people!
Seminary at 6 (really...we haven't changed that yet)
I cried dropping kennedy off...I just sent her into the lion's den!

I need a Dr. Pepper!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Vaca Part 2

The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places to be! As a teenager I would go and just stare at how amazing and different it is! We decided to head up one evening for a little family time and brought wood for a bonfire! The kids had a blast running around and the dad's enjoyed a little local seafood!

Reagan was chowing down on Dan's seafood! Amazes me she will eat that, but bananas she hates! Go figure!

These two soaked themselves messing around on the skimboard! They had a blast!
(hey Goonies fans...remember Haystack Rock from the movie?)

Little and littler mermaid!
Aunt Stacey thanks for all the fun!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Vaca part 1

We headed off to Oregon for a few weeks for some rip roarin' fun! It only took us 3 days and 26 hours to get there. Seriously?!!! We met up with the family (we sure missed mom and dad and those crazy Meyersons) in Bend OR at Lake Billy Chinook! It is better known as "little powell" and it is gorgeous! We spent the week tubing, camping, laughing and making some serious memories! What a blast!

The views from the different areas of the lake change from forest to cliffs to views of Mt. Jefferson! We even saw Billy the billy goat daily!
The sisters ( would have made it extra horse power if ya know what I mean)! Don't mess with us...we've got some serious rpms!
My cute Kennedy! She had a blast and cracked us up out on the tube!
Some of the kids showing uncle Dan how brave they were! He had fun trying to knock them off when they got a little too cozy!
"Redneck to White trash"! We had fun doing our daily Redneck Yacht club swims! Danny boy and Benny boy got really good at synchronized boating! What dorks!
Lukers LOVED all the babies around. My niece Addy here (isn't she a bubba) was so cute to let him hold her all the time! He tried picking up Liza, Molly and Reagan, but they weren't feeling it so much!
Rylee her first time on the trainer ski! She rocks!
The tubes were the most popular! I am afraid it is my fav as well! We got all the sisters on it once and Ben tried to kill me. I am just sayin...

Jeff...before Dan knocked him off! Good times!'re so cool!
This kid had so much fun with his cuz Jeff! He will always remember this trip!
Professional boaters!
Our favorite spot to swim at the bottom of the falls! A few of us hiked up and stood under the falls! Awesome!
This guy needed this trip more than anyone and he enjoyed every second of it! Thanks babe!
Crazy nut!
The three stooges! Thanks for the fun everyone!