Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

California We love ya!

 Man we had fun for Spring Break this year!  Even though the beach was cold this day...we loved every minute of it!!
 Monkey couldn't get enough of it!
She scooped sand until she was covered from head to toe!  

 We ate lunch at the end of this Pier!  
You can't see it because it was so darn foggy, but it was awesome!
 Our mission this trip was finding a roadside strawberry stand and boy did we hit the mother load!  
 Rows and rows of delicious and juicy strawberries!
Luke was in heaven!  (he has a slight addiction)
 The smells in California are AMAZING!  Stepping outside to the warmth of the sun and the smell of the flowers is a new favorite of mine!
 Check out this "bird of paradise"!  Love it!
 We even got permanent smiles from the BIG kids!
Since we surprised them, they liked us the entire trip!
 These two NEEDED a nap
 (if you know what i mean -beasts i tell ya if they don't get their beauty sleep)!
 We headed up from San Diego to DisneyLand for a few days!
 Hours of fun I tell ya!  Hours!
 My kids were INSANE at this Lego store!  They couldn't get enough of it!
They were so annoyed that I got my camera out!
They just wanted to look and I wanted pictures!
Good thing I am the mom and I WIN!
 These two dream of having enough Legos to make this!
 My boys!  Love the smiles!
 Rylee said she wants to buy this to live in someday...hmmm...
 Luke in his "UP" goggles.  I couldn't stop laughing - he is such a ham!
 This coaster is a kick in the pants!
While we were waiting for Dan and the big kids to ride we saw a couple of celebrities!
Terri, Bindi and Bob Irwin (croc hunters family) were there!
 I was so all over that!
 These guys had such a blast!
So glad we could take them and show them California!
You heard, "you guys are the best parents EVER" a few times this trip!
We know you guys...we know!
 I started a weird neck ache before the trip, but after riding this so many times I was toast!
Still paying for that one!  Worth was AWESOME!
It was a fantastic trip!  Loved hanging with my kiddos and Danny boy!  We also ran into the Graper Family and part of the Dixon family!  So fun seeing people from home on vaca!  Woot Woot!