Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkins, Leaves and seriously mom with the camera!

 There is nothing like fall when you can wear comfy clothes, drink apple cider and STAB a knife into a pumpkin!  

 It's rare that I get a regular smile from these people anymore...

 Not bad eh?

 This little peacock makes my day!!!

 A big snowstorm was headed our way and I just HAD to get some pictures with all these leaves before they were a mushy mess!  I didn't care that the boys both needed haircuts and the outfits we were wearing were, well...kid picked...we just went with it!
 Seriously...they didn't want to do this...
 But after lots of begging and then yelling...

 We got a few great shots!
 By now the kids were running the show and telling me what they wanted to do...
 Hey, I was just happy they were smiling!

Happy Fall ya nuts!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 We headed down to Alamosa to see the grandparents and go fishin!
 My cute hubby!
 Little squishy playin with cowboys and indians!
 This kid took fishing VERY seriously!

 VERY seriously!  And loved every second of it!
 Good lookin fish!
 Noah catchin his fish!
 He had a blast!

 These two love being outside!
 Loved the view of the mountains with snow on them!
 Ken was quite the fisherman herself!
 Kale and his super cute girlfriend! (loved her)

 Nice job Ken!
 Oh maaaaaaan she thinks because she is 16 she can kiss anyone!  Sheesh!

 G&G Mortensen!  
 Riding 4 wheelers!

 Shootin time!

 Tough men! 

 Love Pappa Cork

My shoulder hurt all day after shootin this gun!  But so cool!