Thursday, March 29, 2007


Our house finally SOLD and we are so excited!! We are heading up to Colorado Springs and Denver to see what areas we like this weekend. We have areas narrowed down in both cities and are excited to see what our options are! Wish us luck!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beach Baby?

Who says you can't wear a bikini in the winter?

Baby it's cold outside...

I promised a snowman in a bikini and you got it folks! The kids have had a blast in the backyard today. We have at least 9 snowman in the yard and I have to tell you it's a little creepy. Like they are watchin us thru the door with their iceball I am scared! So, on that note ~ hello from Colorado!


We woke up this morning to this!!! I still can't believe it. Last weekend we started our sprinklers and ran around in shorts and t-shirts. Now the kids are breaking out the snow gear and hot chocolate! It hasn't stopped snowing since we got up this morning and it is already 1:00 in the afternoon...we are in for a long day folks. Someone please tell me why we aren't living in Hawaii? At least the kids are having fun...they are all excited to make more snow angels and snowmen. I told them they could make one as long as the snowman had a binkini on. We will keep you posted on that.
Someone send the sun our way...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I hate spiders!!!!

I would just like to tell the world how much I hate spiders. I know they have a purpose here on earth, but seriously...we don't get along. Just since saturday I have screamed and killed 7 of the meatiest, harriest & biggest spiders in my home!!! People, that is so not cool. I know they were having some type of convention here, but guess what ~ they didn't pay a fee to hold it at the Mortensen home so they are outta here! Mom says I need to be tough in front of the kids, but I can't. One that I tried to kill on the wall fell to the floor and started chasing me and trying to get my neck. I am still having nightmares over it. It was in the office and I have to sit with my feet up in the chair now because I am afraid of his uncle vinnie. I sprayed "home defense" all around my foundation this weekend and i am afraid they are upset with me. Now what do I do? Yes, you can all laugh, but remember the trantula of '92? I still can feel the legs on my shoulder!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday is a special day...

Kennedy is such a nerd...she asked if i would watch her play basketball and I did for a few minutes until i realized she had her rollerblades on. She crackes me up!

Rylee and Luke are out throwing frizbees around...I came out to watch and they had me laughing with their new hats on! Little stinkers.

Love Saturdays when Dad gets out and does projects. That is rare round these parts and i couldn't be happier. We fixed a floor, caulked, fixed a leak under the house and started the sprinklers...I am just avoiding him so that i don't jinx it all and he stops.

My bike is pretty sweet!

As Noah says his bike is "pretty sweet". He has spent hours out riding it and has said, "mom look at me" about a hundred times already. His favorite color is green and once again i rock for picking out the perfect color. And yes...he still rides standing up with one eye closed. Oh to be a kid again.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Meet the Troops!

Hi! This is my Luke, aka: Lukers! He loves cars, planes and trains. Won't leave home without them. He is 2 and no he isn't terrible. He is wonderful with a side of onry! He likes to ride bikes with Rylee and eat all day long. He knows how to find food ANYWHERE! He will walk into a room with a car in one hand and a "snack" in the other. Little stinker. He is really talking up a storm and we love to have conversations with him. Poor kid hates church (well, really just nursery). He is totally fine until the closing song comes and he starts debating to go home with anyone who will take him. People are begining to turn around when the songs starts just to see him beg. Not a show people!!!! He ends up crying for 5 minutes and is fine. Being the 4th child ~ he can't break me. Or can he? cute is this kid? This is Rylee and she is 4, but don't let that fool you. She knows the ropes and can put you in your place in seconds. She runs the show around here and you better not forget it. She doesn't like to be called tiny or munchkin or even little sister! She gives nasty looks when you do and tells you her name is Rylee Mort en sen. She is in preschool and can spot the letter "R" pretty much anywhere. She loves to ride bikes and jump on the "jumpolene" when the big kids are gone. She sneaks sweets whenever she can and then tells me Luke gave it to her. Rrrrright. She drags a sleeping bag into our room at 5:00 in the moring everyday because she doesn't want us to be scared. She gives the best hugs and takes 2 hours to tell a story, but come one...she is too stinken cute.

Noah is the funniest kid you will ever meet and he doesn't even know it. The other night we heard a crash in the kitchen and I asked him to check it out. He yelled out from the other room saying, "clean up in isle 3"! Too stinken funny! He is the first too notice if you get a haircut or tell you how great dinner smells cooking. He loves to play with his sisters and brother and often times he even offers to help out with something just because (oh wait...he just wants to play the playstation). He is in the second grade and is ready for summer already. He turned 8 today and is ready to get baptised. We gave him a new bike and he just loved it. Told us he could even ride it standing up with one eye closed. Niiiiice. He thinks everything is "Sweet" and is loosing teeth by the handful (not really, but come on it feels that way). We all love Noah!

Kennedy is 11 years old in the 5th grade and is a mini Jessy, but smarter! She is the best kid and really keeps us in check. How many kids tell you to go out on a date and cleans your house and is the best babysitter ever...not too many that I know of. She is a beautiful person and we are so lucky to have her in our home. She throws a few fits here and there, but come on I still do that. She plays the flute, piano and is a soccer star! She loves to rollerblade and play basketball. Kennedy has a "possee" that she hangs with and they just crack me up. They cruise the block (cause I am too chicken the allow the neighborhood) on bikes and play basketball until dark. She's pretty cool if you ask me ~ but I am her mom!